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Initial and Name Rings in Gold or Silver

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.925 Silver Name Ring Personalized Ring with a Name 10K/14k Name Ring w/12 CZ Diamonds
Price: $110.00
Price: $80.00
Price: $375.00
tiffanys name ring tiffanys personalized ring Personalized Name Ring with diamond accent
Hand detailed work on the underline, upto 8 letters max. Hand cutout wraparound design , upto 10 letters max. This gorgeous gold name ring with diamond in first letter and tail makes it absolutely stunning.
Name Ring W/ Elegant Tail Name Ring W/ 3 Stones Block Monogram Ring with Initials for Men
Price: $310.00
Price: $315.00
Price: $125.00
Custom Brenda Name Ring 10K or 14K gold Jessica Name Ring -custom  finger ring Men Ring with Engraved Initials Monogram
You’re stupendous. Your world is gigantic and you’re a mind-blowing picture of beautiful time and space. Just look at you flaunting this Name Ring with an Elegant Tail! Your friends admire your audacity, your love is dynamic, and you wear this custom heart ring with tail with the sweetest joy across your face. Smile. Happy Quinceanera! She’s made her sweet 15th and there isn’t a better more unique personalized gift a parent can give to a child crossing over to adulthood than this—Name Ring with three birthstones. It’s the ideal gift with its customizable options of different colored birthstones. I’d say Graduation, Anniversary, or any day you’re proud, the most accomplished ring you’ve found! Available in .925 Silver or Gold Over Silver.
Silver Cutout Monogram Ring 10K/14 Name Ring W/ Diamonds Block Name Ring
Price: $59.00
Deal of the Day Price: $50.00
You save $9.00!
Price: $445.00
Price: $315.00
bridesmaid monogram ring Name Ring with diamond accent Custom Block Gold Bruce Name Ring
Available in .925 Silver, Yellow / Rose Gold Plating.
O sweet thing you! This Name Ring that comes with genuine diamonds sparkling below the name. It’s irresistible onset has a twinkle so embedded in your psyche—that even when you looked away you had to come back. Ah, don’t kid yourself. It’ll be great on your finger. Forever a remembrance of your tenacity. Honey, hold your ground. A stampede in a hand made ring you have here, as you stamp your way through the world in this Block Name- Ring. This ring is for that special someone who is adventurous, daring, and heroic. With this symbolic charm, you’ve got the world in your hands now; well at least at your fingers.
Gold Curved Name Ring Personalized Gold Name Ring Gold 2 Initial Name Ring
Price: $425.00
Price: $395.00
Price: $565.00
Name Plate Gold Rings Name Plate Rings Name Plate Gold Rings
Flash your effervescence wear this Gold Curved Name Ring that just doesn't stop at the fact that it has your named carved out - no - its signature font inspires a delectable personalization. This one is strictly for the pleasing; she will please you to death for this one! Or rather, you might please her! Personalized Name Rings jewelry in metal of your choice. Choose from 14K White or Yellow Gold and Silver. Comes with a gift pouch. Your life is falling in love, with this Personalized Gold Name Ring. Celebrate accordingly. Cursive verbiage across your finger, grace yourself with its presence, you need to be appreciated. Need to addI LOVE YOU,no problem. What about your new baby's name? Sure thing. Call us for any unique ideas you have. You're wearing a spellbinding handmade design that stops at nothing to get to your happiness.Custom Personalized Gold Name Rings Choose metal of your choice 10K or 14K gold. The letters on this ring will purely send the message of strength and confidence. This ring is has a diamond cut finish that will turn heads and demand attention.
Mens Name Ring in Solid Gold Name Ring Shawn Model Mens Name Ring - Frankie model
Price: $399.00
Price: $399.00
Price: $399.00
Customized Hip Hop Name Plate Rings Personalized Jewelry Rings Personalized Name Plate Rings
Hand cut letters that gives it unique look. Personalized Ring jewelry in metal of your choice. Choose from 14K White or Yellow Gold and Silver. Beautiful lines, a bold script style and a brilliant gold karat to choose from. The "Frankie" model is solid gold across the back, while the name portion is sculpted to the shape of each letter.
Gold Name Ring - Rivera model Name Ring with Birthstone Personalized Men Name Ring
Price: $350.00
Price: $390.00
Price: $435.00
Hip Hop Jewelry Name Plate Rings pretty little gold Name Ring with your birthstone Personalized Men gold Name Ring
Personalized Name Rings jewelry for your valentine in metal of your choice. Choose from 14K White or Yellow Gold and Silver. Comes with a gift pouch.14k Name Ring - Rivera model Be still the butterflies a’ rumblin’, this pretty little Name Ring with your birthstone is part of an elaborate collection of glistening diamonds. There’s no rest for the weary, their eyes all startle. You’re at the art gallery and everyone should be looking at the wonderful masterpieces spread about, instead, you can’t help the overflow of compliments to your finger. You are now considered walking art. Ever seen an old friend and wished you’d worn your very best? Well, you should have been wearing this personalized Men’s Name Ring at that time. Say a LOT without saying very much at all. This subtle but strikingly exclusive ring is the solitary edition to your jewelry box that says, “Yes, I’m here, I’ve arrived.”
Custom Men Name Ring 14K/10K Gold Name Ring Two Initial Name Ring
Price: $265.00
Price: $375.00
Price: $265.00
Personalized  Custom Name gold Ring for Men Personalized Name gold Ring for Men Custom two Name Initial gold ring
Want a unique invention of boldness? This completely customizable Men’s Ring is coated in solid daring pizzazz. Complete with determined charm, an industrious flair, and purposeful zeal the second you slide this awesome boisterousness on your finger; you have surely gained the attention of your swooners. Complete the look with a newsboy cap and glasses and you’re the most sought after-dapper young gentlemen-anyone has ever laid eyes on. Option to add diamonds Are you two treats in a pod? Can you not stand to be without your lover one second? Well wear this Two Initial Name Ring as a direct expression of your love. Sparkles don’t shine brighter than this thickly imprinted emblem showcasing the beauty for all of the world to see. If you love your partner show your partner so.
10K/14K Gold Flat Name Ring 10K/14K Gold 2 Initial Ring Diamond Accent 10K/14 Name Ring with Heart
Price: $335.00
Price: $350.00
Price: $395.00
Personalized Name plate gold ring Personalized  Diamond Accent Gold 2 Initial Name Ring Women Name Ring with Heart
Don’t choke up. It’s ok. We know it’s beautiful. This elegantly displayed Gold Flat Name Ring can be customized in 10 or 14 karats and embarks upon a new beginning for yourself, or your sweet someone. A gorgeous design makes the personalization of a name just that much more splendid. Ohhh la las all fuss about! The King Kong Gold 2 Initial Name Ring has stopped your heart dead in its tracks. Now, all it can do is beat fast. It’s probably because your heart yearns for this thick gold double initial masterpiece. The world won’t ever be the same once you’ve shown them this glory. For a piece of jewelry that’s an everlasting depiction of what you stand for. A must have. I’m wishing on a star, wherever you are. Poooof!! The stars have aligned and in my mind’s eye I’ve found “A Super Name Ring With a Heart” just to ensure we’re never apart. Go skydiving with me! Hang gliding!  Hot air balloon riding! This ring’s just a dare-full! Its classic trapeze artist act is silent but deadly—tricking you into a whimsical trance every time you lay your eyes. Hint: No one hasn’t said yes! Customize 10K/14 Name Ring with Heart from 10K or 14K Gold and Diamond accent finish