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The Etiquette of Selecting the Perfect Monogram Jewelry

In recent years, the use of monograms has increased in popularity on necklaces, bracelet, etc. Monograms wield three letters that serve as initials with two smaller letters on either side of a larger letter in the middle. When personalizing a gift with a monogram, it is important that you use certain etiquette to ensure that the letters are in the correct order and that the correct letters are used.

Buying Monogram for a Women

When buying a monogrammed necklace for a woman, the order of her initials on the monogram varies depending on her marital status. If she is a single woman, etiquette requires that the initials be ordered first, last, then middle with the last name’s initial slightly larger than the rest. Conversely, if the woman is married, there are essentially three different choices for monogramming. One option is to keep with the same order that you would as if she were still single. The second choice would be the order of first initial, married initial, and finally the middle initial. As a final option,the letters would be in a first initial, married initial, then maiden initial of proper order. For all of these three married options, the center initial will be slightly larger than those on the opposing sides.

Buying Monogram for a Man

Selecting the best monogram for a man could be just as controversial as doing it for a woman. This is because the order varies depending on the item being monogrammed as opposed to marital status.Such etiquette can further confuse people on what to properly do when monogramming their gift for someone. For larger items, it is customary that the order for monogramming be first, middle, then last with each letter the same size. This will work for items like suitcases, shirt pockets, a briefcase, and more. Smaller products like cufflinks, glassware, and key rings require a different ordering of letters to first, last, middle, with the center (last) initial more prominent.

Monogram Gifts for Married Couples

Instead of the traditional wedding cake toppers, many more married couples are gradually moving towards the use of a monogram on top of their lovely cakes. The perfect monogram is often also displayed in numerous locations in their life, solidifying the bond that marriage created. It is a marvelous symbol to not only remind them of their special day and unique bond but also as a sacred tie of their souls to one another. When buying a monogrammed gift for a married couple, past customs follow that the letters must be in the following order: bride’s first initial, the couple’s surname initial, and the groom’s first initial. Here, the surname’s initial should be more prominent than the others initials.

Monogram Gifts for Couples Starting Family

If the couple decides to start a family, then it is time to start learning proper etiquette on how to pick the perfect monogrammed gift for their child(ren) as well. While picking the gift itself is almost impossible because of how picky children are nowadays, monogramming that gift is easier for them than for anyone else.Considering the etiquette is much more simplified for children due to their innocence and non-marital statuses, this is why it is much easier to monogram for children than for adults. Monograms for children are always in the order of first initial, last initial, then middle initial. As children get older, it is customary to move towards the other monogram etiquette styles discussed above as a symbol of their blossoming as young adults.

Picking the perfect gift is always the hardest part of shopping for family and friends. The fear of not being able to find the best gift possible lingers within a person no matter who is the receiver of the present. Once you find that gift, personalizing it with a monogram will make it that much more special.Sometimes the most simplistic of gestures such as monogramming can make a gift more unique and memorable than those presents lacking the monogram. Always remember to follow these simple rules when picking the perfect monogram to maintain the monogramming etiquette and tradition.

No middle initial -Use a two-letter monogram, where the letters are the same size. The first initial should be on the left, and the last initial on the right.