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    Hip Hop Two Name Necklace 3D

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    I've decided to order a custom designed piece of jewelry, what now?

    We've tried very hard to make the design process as easy as possible for you. And we've broken it down into easy steps.

    1. Contact our Custom Jewelry Design department using our Contact page. We will quickly and accurately estimate the cost and time to create your jewelry
    2. Our Design Department will contact you with any further questions for clarification, and give you a general idea of how long your project may take. (Remember, it's a bad idea to wait until December 15th to order a piece of custom jewelry for Christmas). Once we have a good understanding of your project and your needs, we can begin the design phase.
    3. The design is done! We will give you access to a special area of our website where you can view a draft rendering of your design, usually several variations, for you to look over. If you have any changes or modifications you would like to see, we will be more than happy to make those and post new pictures for your approval.
    4. Then you sit back while our craftsmen create your new design in our own shop. Using the utmost care and skill, we will transform those drawings into a work of art that you will be proud to wear for years to come.

    It really is that simple!
    Don’t discount the potential of custom crafted jewelry, where the creativity is limited only by your imagination. Our Jewelers staff is eager to help you create that unique piece of jewelry that will truly be your very own. To create your design, click the following link to contact us.

     Check out some custom design by our customers:

    Superman Nameplate Pendant Gold

    Gold Superman Nameplate
    This 14K gold pendant was design as superman symbol with birthday boy's initials. It was ordered by grandparents for their grandson's birthday.

    Rapper Name Plate Gold

    Pink Gold Nameplate for a Rapper

    This jewelry pendant was designed in pink gold for a rapper, by his girlfriend. It weighs 50 grams.



    Personalized Jewelry souvenirs for employees
    Pepsi Cola Gold Nameplate
    We designed this special pendant for a retired Pepsi Cola employee as per his family request.

    Personalized Military Nameplate Jewelry
    Custom Jewelry Design Patriotic Country Flags
    Our customer, who at the time of this order was in Iraq,
    ordered this jewelry for his finance'. He asked to design a nameplate of his girl with an American and a Puerto Rican flags. .

    Initial Jewelry Design from Scratch
    Custom Personal Initial Design on Paper

    Sterling silver with letter T 2 inches long. Below finished design as per customer request.
    Finished Personal Name Initial Design
    Custom Retirement NamePlate
    personalized retirement gift idea
    This pendant was designed with complete detail, It given to a truck driver when he retired after 40 years in service by group of friends.

    Big Nameplate 10 inches wide 3 inches height
    GDWAG Namepate Big Hip Hop Genuine Gold
    One of customer wanted our design GF-135 nameplate and turn it into a big design that is 10 inches wide and 3 inches high. With each alternate letters have a diamond like effect. This pendant weighs 350 grams solid gold.