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How to Be an Expert Personalized Jewelry Buyer

Buying the best personalized jewelry must come with the best occasion to do so. A birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Christmas or Hanukkah are acceptable occasions for people to purchase personalized jewelry for their family and friends. One must consider the font styles, engraving types, and jewelry embellishments before rushing into a personalized jewelry buying decision.

What to personalize Necklace, Ring or Bracelet?

First think of what jewelry your loved one likes the most: a ring, necklace, or bracelet.

  • Necklaces & Pendants adds the right touch of flair to a woman’s beauty or a man’s handsomeness. It could be a locket with a phrase or name engraved in whatever fashion on the front and back of the outside while adorned with a memorable photo on the inside. Monogrammed nameplates with the right lettering, style, and color will also make the receiver of the personalized necklace crack a wide grin.
  • rose gold monogramhand stamped nameplate photo pendant
  • Bracelets are a loving reminder that the gift giver will always be there for the receiver in spirit. The receiver’s name or a special phrase can also be engraved into these personalized bracelets.
  • bracelet with namesilver initial bracelet grandma bracelet
  • Ring is something small yet superbly special that holds so much meaning to marital and parent and children bonds.
  • name ringinscriptionsymbol ring

Selecting the right Font

Now that you have decided on the type of jewelry you wish to purchase, it is now time to personalize it to the receiver’s liking. This begins with the desired font on the engraving. Should it be fancy like the Interlocking Font or affectionate like the Script Font? With many possibilities, you can find the best font that suits your loved one’s aspirations.

  • Interlocking Font denotes a sense of drama in its overlapping text, which is usually wielded for monogramming purposes.
  • monogram initials
  • Script Font is a slanted and cursive style that exhibits affection within a loving relationship. With its popularity and elegance, the Times New Roman is like the unisex option of engraving on personalized jewelry.
  • carrie necklacenecklace mother
  • Old English Font, it a conventional and ancient Gothic text style that adds a unique platform to monogrammed jewelry.
  • Block Letters Font looks simplistic and similar to the Arial font present on word processors.

Jewlery Word or Letter Formats

There are three types of letter formats in which you can choose to personalize your jewelry. Gift givers with so much to say in such small space possible may choose inscriptions on this custom jewelry selection. Those who wish to remain simplistic yet still creative with their gift may select monogramming or initials as an option.

  • Inscriptions are one to three lines long depending on the item’s size that are physically hand stamped or engraved on the piece of jewelry. e.g. cuff bracelet
  • Monogramming is an increasingly popular style, which are three initials following the order of first initial, last initial, then middle initial depending on marital status. The middle initial of the monogram (last initial of the person’s name) is larger in size while the two opposing initials are the same smaller size.
  • Initials can also be engraved or cutout, yet they differ from monograms in that all the initials are of the same size even if they are spaced out throughout the piece of jewelry (usually as seen on a ring or a bracelet). If possible, these engravings can come in other colors rather than just black or the color of the ring (mainly silver or gold). Such an option offers further personalisation to the desired product.

Adding Meaning full Embellishments

  • Symbols can adorn on the jewelry to insist more individuality and a meaning for the person receiving it. e.g. infinity, heart, family tree, evil eye, flower of life, sports, music instruments etc. All of these are inferred to be symbols of peace and affection that can tame the many sorrows and hardships swimming about this world. Whether as an added charm or an extra engraved item, symbols adorning personalized jewelry increase its specialized appeal to the receiver. Hearts, flowers, sports items, and even animals are possible symbols.
  • Precious Gemstones & Swarvoski Crystals. You can choose birthstones based on what month in which a person is born and diamonds for weddings enrich loving bonds and individuality in peoples’ hearts. Swarvoski crystals available in a variety of colors (such as blue for a Sapphire gemstone for those born in September) are cost effective adornments that are still as beautiful as ever without breaking the bank.
  • Beads insist wonderful flair especially on bracelets and necklaces. These beads can be one plain color, mixed colors, or even mixed colors with a symbol inside of them such as a star, flower, baby feet or even the cross of Christ.
  • baby feet necklace anchor charm stones

Ideas for Personalized Messages

Jewelry does not always require an personalized message. Sometimes a symbol or a gemstone says everything the gift giver wishes to display. However, those who feel that messages are a must, there are endless possibilities as to what can be inscribed on a ring, bracelet, or necklace. From love and friendship messages to Mother’s and Father’s Day messages, there is affection, care, and fun in every one of these suggested messages below. However, feel free to make up your own phrases to further the creative flair of your personalized gift.

  • Mother’s Day Messages - World’s Best Mom, I Love You Mom, My Mother and Friend, Go Mom!, Big Momma, Mommy Knows It All, I Love You Sugar Momma, Love and Best Wishes Mom, Nurse to All Our Hearts, World’s Best Caretaker, World’s Best Juggler Mom, and Ma, the Lovingly Ferocious.
  • Father’s Day Messages - World’s Best Dad, I Love You Dad, A Dad Knows It All, My Sports Father and Buddy, Big Daddy, I Love You Big Daddy, Big Poppa, Dad Rules the Roost, Mr. Know-It-All Dad, Love and Best Wishes Dad, Sports Junkie Dad, Mr. Stock Market Dad, Dad the Breadwinner, and Dad’s Tough Love.
  • Friendship Messages - We Stick Together Forever, Best Friends Forever, Partners in Crime, Peas and Carrots, My Pal, My Home Boy, My Home Girl, There For You Forever, Two Peas in a Pod, Yin and Yang, My BFF, and My Buddy.
  • Love Messages - I Love You, You’re the Lucky One, We Just Fit, Angels are Real, Forever Mine, Forever Yours, Destined Love, Always and Forever, Never Let You Go, My Boo, My Love Forever, Always Got Your Back, and Honestly Beautiful.

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What really matters is that this gift is coming from your heart, and it shall be the thought that counts to the receiver of the present. With time, you shall become a personalized jewelry buying expert even without burning as many holes in your pockets in the process. As you continue to learn the usual expenses of various metals and brands of personalized jewelry, the deals will get much better each time you shop. Happy jewelry shopping!