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Style & Innovation to Personalize Jewelry.

From Glamorous Nameplates to Engraved Bracelets & Charms, Name Plate Depot is Adding Style and Innovation to Timeless & Trendy Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry and charms have been around for centuries. While it has never been truly outdated, the trend now gets a whole new revival by countless celebrities who were spotted wearing personalized jewelry items. However, the options today are not limited. In order to give a modern and more personalized edge, Name Plate Depot now brings countless creative options to personalize jewelry using name, initials, quotes and much more.

In recent news, countless celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes and several others were spotted wearing jewelry bearing their or their loved one’s name. This has spiked a sudden rise on the demand for such jewelry. However, consumers are now looking for something more than just a nameplate. For that reason, Name Plate Depot is turning this timeless and classic style into a chic and modern trend.

What Customers are looking for?

Customer's demands and desires are different. Today they want something that is unique and depicts their individuality. They are looking for options that best match their taste and style. That is why we have expanded our options as well. Name Plate Depot currently features one of the largest arrays of personalization option. While the website is offers numerous options, here are three of the hottest trends based on customer demand.

Top 3 hottest trends

In this aspect, engraved bracelets take the lead. This is because it can be personalized with any message of faith, love, hope and inspiration. Options are endless to customize and for any gift giving occasion.

custom text bracelet

Bracelets - Be Creative, Engrave Anything

Engrave with text, symbol, message both inside & outside. Add message of Love, Faith, Hope or Inspiration. Avail. in 925 Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold

Customize Here

Apart from the bracelets, many customers have also chosen to flaunt their individuality by wearing nameplates. Name Plate Depot presents a beautiful variety of name necklaces in sterling silver and gold. The beauty of nameplates is that they can be made simple or to standout. Yet they speak so much about the person wearing it, literally presenting a complete personality analysis. That is why they are such a huge hit.

standout nameplate necklace

Name Necklaces - Simple to Standout

Over 100+ styles ranging from simple to standout necklaces to show your name.

Find it here

Another popular collection of personalized jewelry offered by Name Plate Depot is infinity. Infinity is symbol of everlasting bond or love. Our collection allow you to add names of people with whom you’re bond so strong that no matter what comes in between love will never end. It not only offers an opportunity to keep their beloved closer to heart but also to show their love off to the whole world.

engraved infinity ring

Infinity Jewelry - Rings, Necklaces & More

Popular on engagements, friendship day, anniversary, mothers day etc. Celebrate a bond of everlasting love.

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Name Plate Depot greatly focuses on maintaining the quality of products and services. It keeps extending its line by introducing new designs and styles. Other custom made options include Memorial Bracelets or Engraved disc with names & birthstones in any language as English, Hebrew, Chinese, Sanskrit, Spanish and Greek. The website allows users to take personalization to a whole new level by adding their Swarovski birthstones as desired. Create your own quality name jewelry today.