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AJS005   "Carrie" Style Diamond-Cut Double Thickness Sterling Silver Name Necklace
AJS001-GP   "Carrie" Style Sterling 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Name Necklace
AJS077   .925 Silver Name Ring
GF-106-Silver   .925 Sterling Silver 3D Nameplate Necklace
MO002   1.25" Sterling Silver Lace Monogram Necklace
Custom-Bracelet   1/4 Inches Size 6 Order 8300
GF-152   10K Gold Diamond Cut Name Plate
IGMR-30   10K / 14K Gold Monogram Ring with cutout Initial 18mm
GF-159   10k 2D Gold Name Plate
GF-48   10K and Diamonds 3 Initials Dog Tag w/1 ct diamonds
GF-12   10K Gold 3D Nameplate Necklace
GF-11   10K Gold 3D Nameplate Necklaces
GF-210-3D   10K Gold Big Initial Pendant with Diamonds 3D look
GF-213-3D   10K Gold Big Initial Pendant with Diamonds 3D look
GF-5   10K Gold Heart Name Plate in 3D Look
GF-237Custom   10K Gold Initial Pendant
gf124   10K Gold Name Bracelet Watch Style
gf-140   10K Gold Name Plate Necklace
GF-141   10K Gold Thin Name Plate
GF-131   10k Gold Thin Two Name Plate
926   10K/14 Drop Name Ring
922   10K/14 Name Ring W/ Diamonds
921   10K/14 Name Ring with Heart
923   10K/14 Two Name Ring
920   10K/14K Gold 2 Initial Ring Diamond Accent
GF-38   10K/14K Gold 3D Nameplate for Men
919   10K/14K Gold Flat Name Ring
hrt15-204A   10K/14K Gold Name Heart Earrings
GF-149   10K/14K Gold Name Plate
927   10K/14K Gold Name Ring W/ Tail
924   10K/14k Name Ring w/12 CZ Diamonds
GF-102   10K/14K Two Name Plate Necklace 3D
925   10K/14K Two Name Ring with hearts
AJS004-14KGold   14 ct Gold Name Necklace with Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Custom-1-2-1   14K Curssive Style 2 MM with Figaro Chain
PD49-Bracelet   14K Gold 3D Name Bracelet
AJS057-Diamond   14k Gold 2 Point Diamond Name Necklace
AJS050-14KGold   14K Gold Classic Arabic Script Necklace
Custom-Monogram   14K Gold Monogram 1.25 inch Pendant with 10 Diamonds
AJS008-14KGold   14K Gold Name Necklace Old English Font
P-714   14K Gold Photo Engraved Pendant
IGMCOCZ33-GP   14K Gold Plated Claissc Monogram 3 Initial with CZ Diamond 33mm
IGMSCZ33-GP   14K Gold Plated Silver Engraved Monogram Necklace with CZ diamond border 1.3 inches
IGMC33-GP   14K Gold Plated Silver Monogram Necklace 33mm
P-722   14K Gold Round Custom Picture Pendant with Stylish Frame
AJS006-Gold   14K Gold Two Name Necklace
IGM23-14KGold   14K Solid Gold Monogram Initial Necklace 23mm
917   14K/10K Gold 3 Initial Ring
AJS018-GP   18K Gold Plated Monogram Bracelet
AJS004-GP   18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver "Carrie" Style Swarovski Necklace
AJS020-GP   18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Engraved Heart Necklace with Name
AJS039-GP   18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sideways Cross Engravable Necklace
IPR224   2 Finger Name Ring with diamonds
Gf-126-Custom   2 Initial 3D Nameplate with 10 CZ
GF-234   2 Initial Gold Pendant on a Rubber Necklace
Chain   20 Inches Bead Chain
PD50   3D Block Nameplate Necklace in Solid Gold
GF-25   3D Gold Love NamePlate Necklace with 2 hearts
GF-107   3D Gold Name Necklaces
PD14   3D Heart Nameplate Necklace in Solid Gold
PD41   3D Heart Nameplate Necklace in Solid Gold
PD48   3D Nameplate Necklace in Real Gold
GF-99   3D Nameplate Necklace with Diamond Cut Finish
GF99   3D Silver Name Plate with Heart
918-Silver   925 Silver Initial Ring
Extra_Stones   Add Extra Stones
DS002-Extra-Discs   Additional Gold Fill Disc with Birthstone (5/8")
DS013-Extra-Discs   Additional Silver Disc with Birthstone (5/8")
AJS047-GP   All Letter CAPs 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Necklace
AJS047   All Letter CAPs Silver Necklace
AJC001   Antique Key Handstamped Pendant
EN-Alphabets   Antiqued English Initial Handstamped Pendant
HS-Aquarius   Aquarius Symbol Charm
HS-Aries   Aries Symbol Pendant
Custom26-GFY   Big 3 GFY Letter Nameplate
GNN032   Big Block Name Necklace with CZ Diamonds
AJS091   Birthstone Bar Necklace with Name
LC002   Birthstone Coordinates Bracelet with Latitude Longitude
GNN020   Birthstone Silver Rings with Engraved Name
GNN014   Birthstone tree necklace for mom
GF-148-Silver   Bling Bling Name Necklace in Silver
931   Block Letter Name Ring Sterling Silver
GNN003   Block Monogram Ring with Initials for Men
928   Block Name Ring
Custom-Upgrade   Block Name Ring 3 Lines
AJS048   Butterfly Sterling SIlver Name Necklace
CZ   Buy 10 CZ Stones
HS-Cancer   Cancer Symbol Charm
HS-Capricorn   Capricorn Symbol Charm
AJS001-14KGold-Carrie   Carrie Bradshaw Necklace 14 Karat Gold
PD10A-Bracelet   Carrie style 14K Gold Name Bracelet
AJS001   Carrie Style Sterling Silver Name Necklace
GNN007   Celtic Shamrock 4 leaf clover Pendant with Birthstone
SC02   Children Kids Lovers Name Necklace with Heart
AJS022-GP   Circle of Love Silver Pendant with Birthstone
AJS052   Couple Heart Shape 3 Initial Necklace
GNN018   Couples Birthstone Necklace
AJS063   Crystal Evil Eye Charm with Initials
IGMCB43   Curley Initial Monogram Necklace with Border 43mm
Custom-Li   Custom 14K Nameplate
Custom-3d-2   Custom 3D Deisgn Two Name
Custom-3d-3   Custom ALPO Nameplate 2mm
Custom-Necklace   Custom Design
Custom-1   Custom Design 14K Gold
831   Custom Design Bamboo Name Earrings
Custom23   Custom Design Nameplate Necklace
GF-71   Custom Gold 3D Name Pendant
AJS050   Custom Heart Necklace with Name
916   Custom Men Name Ring
ne001a   Custom Name Earrings
Custom-MM   Custom Necklace Dia 3 Letter
P-705   Custom Photo Pendant Round - Large
P-728   Custom Photo Pendant with Rope Frame - Medium
P-734   Custom Picture on Decorated Heart Pendant
P-704   Custom Picture Pendant Round - Extra Large
Custom-Hashtag   Custom Silver #1
IGMCB23   Cutout 3 Initial Monogram Necklace with Border 23mm
AJS069   Cutout Single Initial Pendant
AJS065   Designer Infinity Pendant
AJS087   Designer Monogram Necklace
NDP4D-A   Detailed Hebrew Ring
GF-244   Diamond Accent Name Initial Ring Block Letter
GF-245   Diamond Accent Name Ring
GF-243   Diamond Accent Name Ring Block Letter
P-750   Diamond Cut Picture Pendant for Pet - Medium
AJS056-Diamond   Diamond Letter 14k White Gold Name Necklace
AJS055-Diamond   Diamond Name Necklace Solid 14K Gold
npd005   Diamond Script Name plate
PD44   Double Diamond Nameplate Pendant in Solid Gold
AJS002-GP   Double Thickness "Carrie" Style 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Nameplate Necklace
AJS002   Double Thickness "Carrie" Style Silver Nameplate Necklace
AJS076   Engravable Heart Pendant with Birthstone
GNN024   Engraved Coordinates Necklace Bar Sterling Silver
GNN030   Engraved Dog Tag Pendant for Men
AJS085   Engraved Eternity Circle Pendant with Birthstones
GNN021   Engraved Family Tree Necklace with Birthstones
AJS080   Engraved Gold Bar Necklace
GNN040   Engraved Handwriting Necklace
GNN005   Engraved Heart Circle Necklace with Birthstone
AJS074   Engraved Heart Infinity Necklace with Swarovski Crystal
AJS051   Engraved Heart Lock Key Pendant
AJS084   Engraved Heart Pendant with Birthstones
AJS075   Engraved Heart Pendant with Swarovski Crystal
GNN058   Engraved Infinity Friendship Bracelet
AJS073   Engraved Infinity Necklace with Swarovski Crystal
AJS064   Engraved Infinity Pendant
AJS089   Engraved Infinity Rings with Birthstones
LC004   Engraved Military Memorial Bracelet - POW / KIA
AJS067   Engraved Monogrammed Disc Pendant
AJS031   Engraved Mother Necklace with Swarovski Birthstone and upto four names
GNN023   Engraved Name New Mother Necklace Gift in Silver
AJS068   Engraved Name Plate Necklace
GNN009   Engraved Name Silver Cross Pendant
AJS066   Engraved Name Tag with Fresh Water Pearl
AJS090   Engraved Rectangle Bar Necklace
GNN006   Engraved Romantic Heart Pendant with Birthstone
AJS071   Eternity Circle with Two Names
Engraving   Extra Engraving
GNN012   Family Birthstone Necklace with Heart
DS005   Family Circle Tree Mothers Hand Stamped Necklace
GNN013   Family Tree Birthstone Necklace with Names Charms
AJS070   Family Tree Pendant with Single Name
Refix   Fixing Charge For Necklace
GNN019   Flower Birthstone Silver Ring for Mom 4 Names
NDP1E   Font- Numeral Date Rings
GNN051   Four Name Infinity Necklace
HS-Gemini   Gemini Symbol Pendant
Part-Payment-   GF 146 Part Payment 2
AJS093   God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows Necklace
GF-108   Gold 3D Nameplate for Men
nb001-anklet   Gold 14K Name Anklet
GF-247   Gold 2 Initial Name Ring
GF-92   Gold 3D I Love You Nameplate Necklace
GF-74   Gold 3D Men's Nameplate
PD48A-Bracelet   Gold 3D Name Bracelet
GF-69   Gold 3D Name Pendant
GF-90   Gold 3D Name Pendant
GF-81   Gold 3D Name plate Necklace for Men
GF-103   Gold 3D Nameplate Jewelry
Gf-126   Gold 3D Nameplate Necklace
GF-93   Gold 3D Nameplate Necklace
gf-135   Gold 3D NamePlate Necklaces
GF-190   Gold Bamboo Hoop Personalized Earring
832   Gold Bamboo Linda Name Earring
nps20   Gold Birthstone Nameplate
GF-238   Gold Curved Name Ring
824   Gold Custom Bamboo Name Earring
Custom-DS000   Gold Fill Custom Order
nb003   Gold Mesh Name Bracelet
nb001   Gold Name Bracelet
GF-199   Gold Name Earrings With Wave
GF-148   Gold Name Plate
GF-151   Gold Name Plate
gf-153   Gold Name Plate
nrRivera   Gold Name Ring - Rivera model
PN001   Gold Nameplate Necklace
PN005   Gold Nameplate Necklace
PN006   Gold Nameplate Necklace
WG01   Gold Nameplate Necklace
883   Gold Signature Diamond Nameplate Necklace

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