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Sterling Silver Birthstone Nameplate
Personalized Birthstone Nameplate Necklace

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Price includes 16" Silver Chain.
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Don't you love the way you can personalize and then personalize more? Add your name AND birthstone to this elegant piece for a constant connection to yourself or your loved ones. There's no Valentine's Day that isn't super special with this customizable cubic zirconia! Cheers! Personalized Sterling Silver Birthstone Nameplates jewelry in metal of your choice. Comes with a gift pouch. Please do not forget to include your birth month. No need to introduce yourself with this stylish and feminine silver Birthstone Nameplate Necklace or pendant! Be proud of your name and wear it with confidence. This beautiful personalized sterling name necklace includes your name and birthstone.Personalized name jewelry makes a great gift for birthdays, graduations, or any special occasion.Surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift that shows you care.You can choose a first name, last name, nickname, or initials to truly make this name necklace personalized.Be a trend setter with your Silver Birthstone Name plate.Something with your name and birthstone on it should be only made of the finest silver, not some look a like metal.

January Garnet
This birthstone is most commonly a deep red. In ancient of love and faithfulness.

February  Amethyst
This relative of quartz can be found in varying purple tones. In ancient Greece, it was believed to protect one from the effects of wine!

March  Aquamarine
In the same family of Beryl stones as emeralds, "aquamarine" means "sea water." Reminiscent of the clear blue ocean, gazing into this lovely stone has the power to transport you to remote island beaches.

April  Diamond
Those with birthdays in April are fortunate to claim diamonds as their stone. Originating from the Greek "adamas," meaning indomitable, diamonds were believed to offer protection and strength in the face of adversity.

May Emerald
Beloved and admired for their bold green hues, emeralds evoke wonder for the natural world. Sacred to the Goddess Venus, this stone has been linked to fertility and creativity.

June Pearl
A unique, organic process is responsible for the creation of pearls inside the shells of mollusks. While symbols of innocence in ancient Greece, today they have come to represent tradition and simplicity.

July Ruby
Derived from the mineral corundum, rubies can be more valuable than diamonds when flawless! Associated with royalty and the power of life, rubies have been highly revered for thousands of years.

August Peridot
The electric green of August's birthstone makes for radiant and exciting jewelry. It is no wonder that this stone, found in lava, traditionally was associated with the sun and endowed with many mystical powers.

September Sapphire
A cousin of the ruby, Sapphires most traditionally are an intoxicating blue. Viragos can enjoy wearing a stone connected with vision, purity, and spiritual enlightenment.

October Opal
Opaque white stones with rainbow color hues that dance upon the surface, the opal's complexity can be breathtaking. In ancient times, opals were highly valued for their shocking beauty.

November Citrine & Topaz
November offers a choice between two beautiful stones, citrine and topaz. According to ancient folklore, citrine connotes a sense of balance and well-being. Topaz, originating from the Sanskrit "tapas," means to glow, and jewelry adorned with topaz does just that.

December Turquoise
A significant amount of turquoise comes from Arizona, California and Nevada.  Pure turquoise is a relatively soft stone and its powers are believed to provide money, love, protection, healing, courage,  friendship, and luck. The Native American's placed turquoise in their tombs to guard the dead and often warriors tied turquoise to their bows to insure accurate shots.

  • Thickness - 1/2 mm
  • Width - 1.75 inches (approx). Length may vary depending on number of characters.
  • Height - Approx 1/2 inches.
  • Comes with 16" Chain of Your Choice - Figaro Or Rope

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