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Nameplates: Specialties and Types

Nameplate provides distinct identity

Identification of people and things allocate various meanings and nuances to the surrounding environments in one’s local community and nation. A nameplate is a symbol of a person or brand of product to identify a unique individual or to grant imagery to a brand of a product or service. There are many types of nameplates that possess their own meanings and specialties to portray the symbolism of a person, product, or service. Whether for personal expression, marketing purposes, or directional routes, nameplates play a huge part in explaining and directing society.

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Name Plate Jewelry

Nameplates comes in various shapes & sizes

Nameplates are nothing like a name tag an employee wears at his or her job. These nameplates can have text printed on various shapes or they can be formed into the shape of the actual lettering. The finished nameplates can be mounted on physical areas such as desks, office/bedroom doors, and buildings to identify a store. Once these nameplates finish at the manufacturing plant, they come with two elements of the nameplate itself and a nameplate holder. This allows for people to change up their nameplates’ design and color at any time. With many life experiences come altering personalities based on these ventures. Some nameplates may be accompanied with a graphic overlay that initiates protection from the environment and a particular nuance to its enhanced sight. Chemical resistance, abrasion protection, and transparency in windows are offered through these graphic overlays in name plates which are made out of UV resistant polyester or hard-coated polyester or polycarbonate.

Office Name plates

Office name plates are for the sake of identifying the representative when office officials or customers come to visit his or her in order to conduct needed business. Their name and job title is usually printed on a rectangular nameplate that is perched on his or her desk. Despite this norm, some establishments prefer not for employees not to have titles listed on nameplates to decrease the feeling of being important only due to their affiliated positions. They can feel more like individuals, and if these current employees ever decide to change jobs, the current nameplates lacking the original job title can be reused at the new job, too. Perhaps if this previous office job did not suit one’s career desires, it is like moving on in life without having to be reminded of the past on a continuous basis. As for design of nameplates, they keep the same style and format throughout the company for an organized appeal to customers and workers.

Personal Nameplates - Jewelry

Personal nameplates are more subjective in emotion and design than office nameplates. For children’s nameplates, they are mostly manufactured out of wood rather than metal or plastic for personal design purposes. Coming in a regular rectangular shape or fun shapes like a baseball, race car, teddy bear, or lipstick, children are free to paint and add stickers and jewels to their nameplates for something to call their own. Name plates of personal appeal are also accessible on necklaces and rings that take the shape of the actual metal lettering. These options are more suited for adults and older tweens and teens to express such unique identity. No matter the color, font, design, or type of finishing (glossy, rigid, etc.) of the lettering, there are millions of possibilities for a personalized nameplate jewelry to enhance expression of one’s wonderful personality.

NamePlate - A Symbol of Brand

A brand’s value to its symbol is important for marketing to the public and informational purposes to consumers once the product is purchased. For example, a nameplate in industry can be engraved into a machine at a manufacturing plant that contains the company logo that created the device, the product’s serial number, and a small description of the product. Copyright date and company address may appear on the nameplate as well. Embossing, screen printing, custom graphics, and other high-end options for industrial nameplates are created to withstand extreme environmental conditions at manufacturing plants that are not present in quiet office environments. Other product nameplates not engraved can be made out of metals such as aluminum or zinc and adhered to the item via adhesive or screws. The decision of engraving or attaching the nameplate to the product with specialized adhesive depends on the strength of its material. Such a choice also depends on the company’s expectations for look of the final product.