Selecting the Right Necklace Chain

Selecting the Right Necklace

A necklace is an adornment worn around the neck. It is made of metal like gold or silver that can be worn loosely around the neck. The necklaces are fastened with clasps. The different types of necklaces are categorized as per their length, size and features. Necklaces can be work tight around the neck or they may be allowed to fall up to the breastbone or even the chest. Necklaces with longer chains or beads are mostly worn in winter for they can be then worn over the jumpers. At other times of the year, shorter necklaces like chokers that rest on collar bones are ideal.

The necklaces could also be categorized as per their sizes:

    • Crewneck or Collar ( 12-13 Inches or 38 Cms.) -These are worn usually half way up the neck or round the neck. They can be worn with dresses to show off the shoulders. These are can be worn with dress which have off-the-shoulder styles, V-necks or boat neck.

    • Choker (14 - 16 Inches or 40 Cms.) -These necklaces fit at the neck start. They are flexible and can be worn with many necklines. They come out well when worn with a low-cut dress. Most popular chain size that goes well with work dress or casual wear.

    • Princess (17 - 19 Inches / 45 Cms.) -These necklaces hang below the collarbone. They will look very elegant can be layered with a collar style or with a eye catching pendant.

    • Matinee ou Sautoir (20 - 24 Inches / 55 Cms.) -These necklaces sit on the chest. They are mid-length and can be worn with any dress. They will look great for office and semi-formal wear.

    • Opera (28 - 34 Inches / 60- 90 Cms.) -These necklaces will hang under the chest and will look good on an evening gown or with a polo neck.

  • Rope (Over 45 Inches) - These necklace are little longer and clasp are hidden that allows them to be transformed into multi-strand necklace. This necklace goes well with gowns or dress up with your evening or day outfit.

The popular types of necklaces are

    • Pendant -These kinds of necklaces will have gemstones or beads as pendants that can hang from gold or silver necklaces and chains. Pendants will add glamour to a necklace.

    • Butterfly -These are sophisticated necklaces made with metals which are precious. The butterflies are generally made of glass that can captivate and charm the onlookers.

    • Charm -Some people like to wear charms and talismans on their necklaces. The bonus about these necklaces is that they can be doubled or even trebled to make them look like a charm bracelet on the wrist.

    • Chunky -People like the chunky necklaces for the very feel of the beads which are oversized. They give out a cool look. These necklaces can also be made of wood, metals or beads.

    • Cross -These may be symbolic and worn for religious reasons by both men and women. Wearing gold or silver cross necklaces could be a projection of faith. For fashion oriented people, these necklaces could be mixed with precious stones like diamonds.

    • Heart -As the heart is generally the symbol depicting love, these are ideal gifts for people that are loved or cared for. They can reflect both romantic and affectionate feelings.
    • Long -These necklaces are usually more than ninety centimeters in length and will make the person wearing them look slimmer.

  • Statement -These are good for public appearances where the person wearing such necklaces could make a big or bold statement. They are also good for special evenings.

Necklaces are also differentiated as per their features:

    • Lariat -These are long necklaces that have no clasp. They can be worn around the neck like a scarf to leave their strands to hang.

    • Plastron -These are necklaces that are worn close to the neck. Covering some part of the chest like a bib. The Plastron necklaces could be flexible or rigid.

    • Graduated -These are one-strand necklaces that will have the size of the pearls to graduate to the front of the necklace from the clasp.

    • Twist -These are made up of twisted strands.

    • Lavalier -These are necklaces with one or more pendants that form a ‘Y’ kind of design at the front.

    • Rosary -These are also ‘Y’ shaped necklaces with a single cross pendant.

  • Torque -These are usually of Celtic origin and are worn near the neck. They are made of metal and they come without a clasp. They are also open ended at the front or at the back.


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