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Our Everlasting Love: 3D Name Plate Necklace in 10K / 14K Gold

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Choose Metal: Real Gold - Yellow 10K

Real Gold - Yellow 10K
Real Gold - Yellow 10K
Real Gold - White 14K
Real Gold - Yellow 14K
Real Gold - Rose 14K
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Our Everlasting Love Nameplate Necklace serves as a beautiful reminder of the ones we hold dear. Expertly personalized and custom-made, this piece features a diamond-accented name and heart, and hearts with wings on both sides underneath the name.

Designed as a tangible symbol of remembrance, this personalize name necklace elegantly embodies love, loss, and the strength to carry on. The heart, adorned with a twinkling diamond accent, symbolizes your undying love, while the wings represent a soaring spirit, free and unbound.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, the nameplate features a custom name of your choosing. Each letter, outlined in shimmering diamond accents, brings a luxurious touch to this sentimental piece.

Styling Tip:

Pair this exquisite piece with our minimalist summer dress to create a look that is both simple and profound. The simplicity of the dress allows the intricate details of the necklace, from the diamond accents to the unique heart and wings design, to take center stage.

Layering Tip:

Begin with the Everlasting Love Nameplate Necklace as your base. Add a shorter, delicate chain with a small pendant and a longer chain for an eye-catching layered look. This balanced combination of lengths will create a visually appealing layered look, further emphasizing the nameplate necklace's unique features.

Whether a keepsake for yourself or a gift for someone going through a loss, this Everlasting Love Nameplate Necklace serves as a loving tribute and a gentle reminder of the love and memories that endure. It's a symbol of love that continues to shine, just like the diamond accents adorning it.

  • Type: Double 3D Style
  • Metal: Real Solid Gold - 10K or 14k
  • Colors: White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
  • Dimension: 45mm x 19mm. Total length depends on number of letter
  • Chain: Comes with real gold 16 inches chain in nameplate color selected
  • Stones: Option to choose between genuine Diamond or Cubic Zirconia from drop down box above.